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Wellington Primary School & Nursery


We are proud of our school and how well we present to the community we live in. It is for this reason that we are very keen for all children to wear school uniform. All uniform can be purchased at cost price from our school office. The below information can be found in the school's uniform policy which can be found by clicking here.



Trousers (not jeans) - school grey for boys and girls
Skirt – school grey
Polo shirt - yellow with school badge
Jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan – green (plain or school print)
Socks/tights - white, grey


As above or:
Charcoal grey shorts / culottes.
Green and white checks or striped dresses may also be worn.


Preferably black and below ankle height. They should be as flat and low heeled as possible. Not to be any higher than 3.5cms (1½inches). We do not allow children to wear trainers in school.
In Summer, the children may wear low heeled, sensible sandals in any colour – but please not flip flops or ‘jelly shoes’. The children should be able to run safely in their shoes!


Baseball caps and woollen hats are available in school colours. In Summer, caps are recommended - any variety and colour. We encourage children to bring sunglasses during sunny weather for playtimes and lunchtimes. Sun cream should be applied at home by parents/carers before school. Older children can apply their own sun cream during the day, but must be warned not to share it with others. School staff cannot apply sun cream to children in their care.


Games Kit


Trainers, black shorts and white t-shirt / sweatshirt (plain or school print).
Black tracksuit or jogging bottoms.



Trainers, black shorts, white T-shirt (plain or school print). Trainers/pumps for outdoor wear.
Key Stage 1 children should wear pumps rather than trainers.

With regards to school uniform, unfortunately we cannot be responsible for the clothing of every child in school. We also try to encourage our children to be as independent as possible, taking responsibility for themselves and their possessions. In order that we can return lost items of clothing, PLEASE ensure that you have labelled all items of your child’s uniform.


For health and safety purposes we do not allow children to wear jewellery (rings, necklaces, bracelets), except ear-rings and an inexpensive watch. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for the loss of ear-rings or watches.

In terms of presentation, we also do not allow children to have any other kind of body piercing. We also actively discourage the use of hair gel / mousse and hair dye during the school day. We also prefer parents not to have ‘tram lines’ or designs/logos cut into their children’s hair during term time – surprisingly, we find it impacts directly on the behaviour of children.

Where to purchase it

School uniform with the logo can be purchased from: https://www.schooltrends.co.uk/uniform/WellingtonPrimarySchoolHR48AZ

There is a wide variety of items available, including:
Cardigans – (£12.00) bottle green with school print badge (WELLINGTON PRIMARY SCHOOL)
Sweatshirts –(£10.25) bottle green with school print badge (WELLINGTON PRIMARY SCHOOL)
Polo shirts – (£8.00) yellow with school print badge (WELLINGTON PRIMARY SCHOOL)
Baseball caps (£3.10)
Woollen hats (£6.10)
PE t-shirt (£7.25)
PE bag (£6.10)

All non-logoed uniform can be purchased from local supermarkets or retailers e.g ASDA, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Primark.

Please refer to the uniform in the uniform policy (4.1) for correct colour of each item.

However, we are not in a position to replace lost items of clothing or reimburse the cost of the items.


We have a ‘Lost Property’ area in the school, which you are welcome to look through at any time. However, we are not in a position to replace lost items of clothing or reimburse the cost of the items.