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Wellington Primary School & Nursery


The P.T.F.A plays a vital role within our school as it helps by reducing the cost of school trips, buying extra resources that will help our children with their education.

Chairman - Marie Ferreira and Kirstie Barrett          

Secretary - Emily Addis and Jane Thomas

Treasurer - Petra Hedges 


Do you want to be involved? Do you have any ideas for PTFA events? Please email these ideas to:
welptfa@wellington.hereford.sch.uk  or write them on the sheet on the playground noticeboard.

What are the PTFA raising money for? 

This year we are raising money for new school iPads. The PTFA are donating £10 a child which includes Nursery children for enrichment activities. The PTFA are also donating the money raised at the village fun week bingo (£950.00) to purchase 3 new school iPads.